Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Life insurance

AIG insurance. Do you hold insurance beside them?
I wonder how many people hold had life insurance next to AIG and have been making payments to these crooks for years? Now purely imagine having a policy, paying for 20 or 30 years and when this corrupt business go broke, you lost all your money and naturally your estate will

Agree or Disagree: Health is the most critical and essential component to have a productive existence?
If you disagree, what is? And either way you answer, how is strength insurance compared to something like Auto Insurance? Agree-which means that if congress forces associates to buy it, that is unconstitutional (Life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). Auto insurance is different-driving

About energy insurance,hindrance of birla sunlife's dream plan?
against birla sunlife dream plan whichis the best optoion from Life Insurance corporation of india charges are high (though you will not observe it now). Also plan is very complex. IRDA is also planning to closedown these plans which are difficult to understand. You will singular come to know about charges when you.

About existence insurance...?
My nephew told me that you can take out a life insurance policy on anyone at this true? For example,would it be undemocratic and/or immoral if my nephew took out a life insurance policy on one of his grandparents,who he know was getting old and didnt hold much longer to live?Could he actually do this and cash

About Life Insurance and any money final endeavour...?
I am considering a life insurance policy for myself and wife. Is there any product contained by the market wherein I keep contributing/premiums respectively month/year until say 60 years; and if I stay healthy by 60 I bring back back the money I contributed? I only quoted an example of 60 years, and

About LIFE INSURANCE, I'm a beneficiary but I live outside the country, how can I claim what's for me?
My father had recently passed away. I'm one of his beneficiary surrounded by his life insurance. I live outside the United States, but I'm an American citizen. Also, I don't even know what Insurance company it is because my step-siblings won't even

Accelerated Death Benefit on Life Insurance?
I have terminal cancer but I'm currently stable. I requested the Accelerated Death Benefit for my life insurance policy and be denied because my doctor could not say that I had one year or smaller quantity to live. This seems wrong to me. I am going to appeal it but would like to know anything

Access to a time insurance policy?
Can you get access to a life insurance policy your parents open for you as a child? Are there penalties for closing it or can you bring back ahold of the money for my own use? Not unless they turn ownership of the policy over to you. Only the owner can cancel the

Accident and dismemberment insurance?
Is there a legal process to cash them in or translate them for whole life insurance, am I stuck next to this insurance. Accidental and SHOP policies are stand alone only and can't be transferred. Normally, I'm not big fan of these, but I get a accident policy to help supplement my vigour insurance ded. and I

Actuarial profession: I am looking to start a job within the actuarial profession, but which specialisation?
the four types include: life insurance, pensions, vigour insurance, and general insurance. i wana know which is the most exciting for the four, which has the best job prospect and which has the highest income potential Be honest,It will take a while to find the

Advantages and disadvantages of Common Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Life Insurance?
Life Ins is an expensive way to get effectiveness. Mutual funds are somewhat expensive but stocks cost to buy or sell and some brokers charge a maintenance fee-otherwise they are free. Life ins take the risk if the market goes down. mutual funds are stocks resembling ETF's-which trade like stocks

Advice on insurance please?
My friend and I are aged 48 and 55 and remortgaging our house. I have heard impossible reports on endowments. What kind of insurance should we transport out and could it include life insurance? We will be paying interest only for two years to receive back on our feet have consolidated other debts. We

Affordable vigour insurance for children of students?
My brother wants to go to college, but if he leaves his charge his kids wont have health insurance. Are at hand any good Health Insurance providers for children of students? My brother lives surrounded by Spokane, WA if that matters. Most colleges offer form insurance plans that you can purchase as long as

Affordable vigour insurance!!?
For some reason, the insurance coverage I have seem to go up every year (and because I moved recently it jump up another $60 a month). My wife and I get crappy coverage on top of it. To sort things more hectic; we are pregnant (she's pregnant -not me, but you get the point)

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